I don’t care who gets the credit, I just want the work to work.

Mike Farley

Buttion-GMFFor three decades, Mike Farley has been a steady creative force for small businesses from Wisconsin, the Midwest and even the World.  He doesn’t act the part of the pony-tail wearing temperamental artist because he just isn’t.

“It never ceases to amaze me the multitude of ways for a person to start a business and grow it.  These entrepreneurs share a spirit that I know all too well… and one that I am willing to put my best work out on their behalf because they NEED to succeed.”

Over the years, Mike has helped literally hundreds of small businesses (and some big ones, too), help find market share and build profitability.  Having cut his teeth on some of the world’s most iconic brands including Cheerios and Heinz Pet Products, Mike has learned to apply the logic and consistency there to every business and brand he works with.

“I get up every morning excited to see how I can help.  Then again, when you sell only what’s in your head for a living, you get motivated real fast.” 

Mike Stevens

President/Smart Interactive Media
Cedarburg, WI

“Mike Farley has the unique ability to just plain nail the design and branding, no matter the industry.  Simply stated — Mike rocks!”

Sonny Ahuja

Atlanta, GA

“I strongly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to improve sales and margins in their business by increasing their visibility using branding and social media.”

John Murphy

President/Better Bidders
Mequon, WI

“Mike will always be my go-to guy for creative design, and branding. Hire Mike- you’ll be glad you did!”

Steve Ulik

Director/Honeywell Global Licensing
Minneapolis, MN

“Mike is a dynamic force of nature and a rare breed of big agency creative combined with a down-to-earth Midwestern approach.”

Jeffrey Brown

CEO/Ideawhiz & Co.
Minneapolis, MN

“Mike inspires all with his creative leadership skills and passion to produce the very best, never forgetting the clients objectives.”