Aspen Restoration

Creating a custom brand identity that’s designed to become a world-class franchise when you’re only an office of one is something we specialize in.

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Barrel O' Fun

When you’re brand is your package, you want to get it right.  This family of foil packages for the potato chip line is brighter with more identifiable colors in a unique rotogravure print run.

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EGX Design

When your company’s vehicles travel all across the Milwaukee metro area, why not turn them into mobile advertising?  These head turning graphics caught the eye of the WSA, as well as printing prospects.

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Skills Pipeline

If you’re going to start up a new IT staffing company — you need instant credibility with corporate HR directors, as well as the IT professionals they wish to hire.

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Milwaukee Admirals

You’ve seen today’s cartoon version, but when the Admirals were at there best — when Bob Uecker was the team spokesman — this was the look… one, we think, still stands the test of time.

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Custom Logo Design

We’ve designed literally hundreds of identities for companies big and small over the past 30 years.  It’s a track record of success that few firms or designers can match.  Getting launched with the right look and feel helps communicate the kind of business you are to your targeted audience.

Brand Identity Design

When putting a complete brand identity together, you have to take into account factors greater than just a logo.  Sales materials, signage, social media, investor kits, catalogs, promotional apparel, vehicles and all of the specific needs for your business or industry.  JSH&P’s exclusive “Powerline Process” ensures a clear and consistent message, every time.


Back in 1987, Mike Farley began his career as a full time illustrator, being the “cheap alternative” to everyone else’s style.  That versatility taught him how to craft images that spoke specifically to a particular audience.  Today, his illustrative skills, and that of his sons, have proven to be effective selling graphics for companies ranging from the Milwaukee Zoo to the Mayo Clinic.

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