The Big Idea Launch

The Big Idea Launch

Kids Cope Now

Bill Mulcahy is an excellent child therapist who had a big idea that could help a lot of kids who are scared to go to the hospital.

“It’s scary enough for grown-ups, much more so for kids  who don’t have anything to relate to this kind of experience.”

So Bill wrote a book, found an illustrator and publisher and he was off.  But he soon found that the idea wasn’t enough.  He needed help getting, not only his book, but his program, into the hands of administrators at children’s hospitals nationwide.

“Bill created a wonderfully brave character in Zoey… so we had a nice head-start when we began the process of building a brand based launch out of his book.  We wanted to make sure that the whole kit had that ‘let me see that’ quality.”

Intrigued to bring Bill’s vision to your hospital?  Contact him today at Kids Cope Now.

New Branding that Soars

New Branding that Soars

Aerofab NDT

Aerofab NDT came to JacksonSpencer because they knew that their existing site was out-of-date.  What they didn’t realize, was that they were about to re-evaluate their entire brand.  Fran Sterns, Aerofab NDT CFO, was approached by JSH&P about not only making their website a better experience for customers and prospects, but improving their branding to better match the high caliber of work their produce.

In an industry that sees imperfection as a horror story, you’ve got one shot to “get it right.”  Thing is, like so many other small businesses, it’s hard to describe the look and feel you want when your days are consumed with meticulous detail.  “That’s where Mike Farley really works his magic,” stated Stearns.

“Sometimes the brand simply needs a few tweaks, along with a more stringent set of rules for managing your brand.” says Farley.  “Far too many businesses get lazy with the scope of their brand.  What happens over time is that you get multiple looks and messages that confuse your customers.  Left unchecked, you spend a lot more money to make the same impact had you stayed consistent throughout.”

The complete process of re-branding had JSH&P designing a new logo, mobile-responsive website, catalog cover and full stationery package for Aerofab NDT.