Meet JSH&P

Meet JSH&P

Jackson C. Farley

26 and an immensely talented illustrator, film editor and designer.  His work has been utilized by many JSH&P clients over the years.  However,  you may find his latest trek into the incredibly dangerous world of bicycle messengering to his best boldest yet.  Take a peek into his world, if you dare.

Spencer W. Farley

At 24, Spencer is an Adobe Premier and After Effects specialist and a National Guardsman Specialist, too.  He, too, has great creative skill and a quick wit.  He has the power to turn two sticks and a rock into a entertaining game at a moments notice.  Very useful at parties.

Harrison W. B. Farley

The youngest of the three boys, Harry is 22 and a college senior at Northern Michigan University.  He is an accomplished copywriter and artist with the tenacity to finish even the most daunting of challenges.  You may find his work on Bael (a novel of epic proportions) to be a best seller come 2020.  My retirement is counting on it.

Peyton H. Farley

At just 15, Peyton’s enthusiasm, intellect and beauty may trump her three elder brothers. Currently a freshman at Cedarburg High School, her status on the varsity tennis and ski teams is only overshadowed by her accomplishments as an equestrian rider — being one of the very best in the state of Wisconsin. Go, girl, go!

Proud for these four?  Who me? 🙂

Yes, JSH&P

Yes, JSH&P

What’s in a name?

You may ask, “Why the name change from JacksonSpencer?”  JSH&P?
Well, back in 2007, I set up Jackson Spencer as the name of my business because it served two purposes:  first, my two eldest sons are the Jackson and Spencer in the name, and the ad agency world is filled with pompous names on the letterhead.  Oglivy Mather, Chiat Day, Weiden & Kennedy to name a few.  Further still, it set a tone that the work would be professional, creative and world-class. Lastly, the domain name “” was available.  So my firm was born.
Problem is, I have four children, who all have pompous first names.  So, back then, I also purchased the domain “” for the day that I started a business for my younger children.  But, as time pushed on, the thought of establishing this other entity seemed to be less and less.  The only thing to do was to make an executive decision and put the other two on the mantle.  And, as is Madison Avenue tradition, when you get more than two, you shift to the acronym.  How many of you remember BBDO (Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn)?
Jackson Spencer Harrison & Peyton makes for a pretty smart bunch.  Now, if the ol’ man can keep the ship afloat long enough for one of them to come on board… well, stranger things have happened.  We trust that you’ll find your experience with JSH&P to be something akin to “Madison Avenue meets Mayberry RFD“.