The Field Museum

A world renown organization like Chicago’s Field Museum is accustomed to working with the very best people and business resources on the planet… so is it any wonder that JSH&P is involved?  Especially, in membership and fundraising efforts that’s record-breaking?

In short, it’s just one of the many things we do.  In this case, we worked under the direction of Bill Cox and Access Direct Marketing, an integrated agency that specializes in non-profit fundraising.  Their systematic approach helps ensure positive outcomes for institutions and organizations that rely on a few well-crafted campaigns that help raise awareness, increase membership and ultimately drive more dollars to their bottom line — assisting them to continue the important scientific research that The Field Museum does every day.

JSH&P provided the creative spark and graphic production to help coordinate fully integrated campaigns, in both direct mail and email/social that helped raise over $200,000 in one day… not to mention, an on-going campaign that has membership levels on the rise.  Good thing, with new exhibits, new construction and a new look on the way, the Field will be well poised to attract even larger audiences to its venue.

Interested to learn more about The Field Museum‘s good work?  JSH&P’s fully recommends taking a trip through it’s historic hall to learn more about the stunning world around you.