We’re everywhere…

We’re everywhere…

North Shore United Soccer Club

Mark Koenig, my upstairs business neighbor and all-around-good-guy, also happened to be one of the leaders of the Cedarburg Soccer Club.  A collection of 200 Cedarburg families whose kids played soccer.  Just like so many other youth sports organizations, it was local and competitive at introducing and developing kids to the sport of soccer.  But Mark was tired of getting their best kids “poached” from other area soccer programs.

He had an idea to make the club more than just Cedarburg.  Why not form something that could attract families and kids from all over the North Shore area?  And the happy by-product, would be more families, better coaches and more money for the organization to construct better facilities to promote soccer even further.

All they needed was an identity that could bring out their very best.  Suffice it to say, we accomplished that task and then some, as the myriad of mini-vans that sport an North Shore United window sticker can attest.

We set out to create an identity that was every bit as strong as any professional sports franchise.  North Shore United branding helps remind us that doing world-class work, even for small clients, can reap very satisfying returns.

Do More for Your Clients

Do More for Your Clients

Do More Truck Equipment


A great business partner of ours, Smart Interactive Media, came to us to help design an entirely new brand for one of their clients, based off of an existing singular product called Debo Step.  With new capital invested, the company was interested to get a smart branding launch in an entirely new product category — truck steps.

” When you’re starting from scratch, you’ve got such great potential…” states JSH&P President Mike Farley, “but you’ve also got all of the risk to get it right.”

One of the ways that minimizes the risk, is to use design thinking that allows the client to be an active part of the logic behind the design choices.  Some design firms shy away from client input, but all any client really wants to achieve is a world-class look that’s perfect for their business marketplace.  JSH&P helps make tangible those elements that start out as a blank piece of paper.

“JacksonSpencer always gives us great work and our clients love it.  Keeps me on budget, on time and makes me look like a star.” — Mike Stevens, SIM President