You need a Brandbook

You need a Brandbook

The Brandbook

Getting a handle on your brand is pretty much what we do at JSH&P.  Either forming the brand from scratch, or, working to coalesce your existing brand into a stronger, more consistent voice for the best of what your business has to offer.

“Far too many small businesses are working against their own brands by not defining who they are, what they look like and what voice they speak with,” says founder Mike Farley.

Building a brandbook — a simplified version of everything you are — is a great place to get consensus on what makes you – you.  From color choices, fonts and logo forms, to advertising, web and promo items.  What’s more, it pulls together the thinking behind the sales process as well as offering a pathway to future success.

The biggest secret behind it?  Putting a Powerline together is a great start.  Ask us more about it.

The image above is a portion of an actual brandbook for JSH&P client Skills Pipeline.  Get in touch with Mike Farley to find out how you can benefit from your own and start saving marketing dollars as well as improving the trajectory of your business.