Remember what life was like before the Internet?

The Internet formally took hold in 1993, but really didn’t make much of a dent until 1996.  By the turn of the Millennium, every company knew it needed a website, but few design firms could build a site worthy of their own design skills… but one did — Vizid.  The brainchild of Mike Farley and Adam Emery, Vizid crafted sites that were literally, ahead of their time.

“We signed on some very good business, ” stated Vizid President Mike Farley in retrospect, “… we did Sargento,  we attracted the attention of Activision, primarily because Adam was just so brilliant in combining great design with wicked programming skills.”

But few business ventures find their true stride.  Not long after their rise to fame and fortune, the horrific events of 9-11 occurred and set the company back as companies across the globe cut their marketing budgets and delayed their advertising and web ventures.  However, the lessons learned were invaluable… and the executions delivered in the early 2000’s, looks as if the work could have been done today.