Ozaukee County Fish Passage Program

Many of us aren’t that keen on “the government”, but occasionally, you find a program that runs both a tight ship and does a boat load of good for the community.  The Ozaukee Fish Passage Program seeks to re-establish migratory fish passage between 11,149 wetland acres and 215 stream miles of the Milwaukee River Watershed, the Milwaukee Estuary and the Lake Michigan Basin. It’s a program that’s really making an impact and is a model for other county and state programs.

We recently completed an extensive video program for the the FPP in which they’ll utilize this video to generate interest and usage of their program for home owners and businesses, as introduce school age kids to the long term benefits of the program.

JSH&P provided filming, film editing, titling and general oversight of this video, along with the brand identity and logo design for the Ozaukee County Fish Passage Program