We’re everywhere…

We’re everywhere…

North Shore United Soccer Club

Mark Koenig, my upstairs business neighbor and all-around-good-guy, also happened to be one of the leaders of the Cedarburg Soccer Club.  A collection of 200 Cedarburg families whose kids played soccer.  Just like so many other youth sports organizations, it was local and competitive at introducing and developing kids to the sport of soccer.  But Mark was tired of getting their best kids “poached” from other area soccer programs.

He had an idea to make the club more than just Cedarburg.  Why not form something that could attract families and kids from all over the North Shore area?  And the happy by-product, would be more families, better coaches and more money for the organization to construct better facilities to promote soccer even further.

All they needed was an identity that could bring out their very best.  Suffice it to say, we accomplished that task and then some, as the myriad of mini-vans that sport an North Shore United window sticker can attest.

We set out to create an identity that was every bit as strong as any professional sports franchise.  North Shore United branding helps remind us that doing world-class work, even for small clients, can reap very satisfying returns.

You have to start somewhere.

You have to start somewhere.

The Science Museum of Minnesota

Almost 30 years ago to the day, I started my advertising and marketing career with an internship at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Under the tutelage of Art Director Mark Odegard, I learned how to design, how to think in terms of visitor engagement and how to produce work that a team of people could rally behind.  The first major work that I was involved with was for a show called, Dinosaurs!

Complete with animatronic dinos, fossils, complete skeletons and an array of interactive exhibits, the show became the largest the museum had ever put on.  We even sailed the Apatosaurus down the Mississippi on a barge! Talk about some PR value!  Artwork that I created found it’s way on to t-shirts, shopping bags, outdoor billboards and more.  To this day, it is one of my fondest memories.  No wonder I took to my work and have kept at it for all these years!

Today’s Science Museum of Minnesota has a new brand, built in with the equity of so many patrons, visitors and employees who made it all happen.  The visit is well worth it.

Re-branding an 80-year old company

Re-branding an 80-year old company


JSH&P works with entrepreneurs of all kinds.  That’s not just garage-style start-ups or Inc. 500 wanna-bees — sometimes that’s with strongly established companies that still have growth on their minds.  Velvac is one of those firms.  With over $70,000,000 in sales, few would call Velvac a small business, but their concerns and desires to anticipate changes within their marketplace are crucial to their success.

“Velvac called me to provide CMO leadership for their upcoming marketing plans.  A new e-commerce website and complete catalog overhaul were just the beginning of a great relationship.”

The brand’s image had grown a bit stale, but new product initiatives called for a more world-class look and feel, without losing the equity already established over the past 80 years of business.  That takes a deft touch and is just the sort of business relationship that’s a win-win.

JSH&P is providing strategic consultation, design, advertising creative, social media and web support throughout the entire Velvac corporate structure. 

You need a Brandbook

You need a Brandbook

The Brandbook

Getting a handle on your brand is pretty much what we do at JSH&P.  Either forming the brand from scratch, or, working to coalesce your existing brand into a stronger, more consistent voice for the best of what your business has to offer.

“Far too many small businesses are working against their own brands by not defining who they are, what they look like and what voice they speak with,” says founder Mike Farley.

Building a brandbook — a simplified version of everything you are — is a great place to get consensus on what makes you – you.  From color choices, fonts and logo forms, to advertising, web and promo items.  What’s more, it pulls together the thinking behind the sales process as well as offering a pathway to future success.

The biggest secret behind it?  Putting a Powerline together is a great start.  Ask us more about it.

The image above is a portion of an actual brandbook for JSH&P client Skills Pipeline.  Get in touch with Mike Farley to find out how you can benefit from your own and start saving marketing dollars as well as improving the trajectory of your business. 

Branding for fish…

Branding for fish…

Ozaukee County Fish Passage Program

Many of us aren’t that keen on “the government”, but occasionally, you find a program that runs both a tight ship and does a boat load of good for the community.  The Ozaukee Fish Passage Program seeks to re-establish migratory fish passage between 11,149 wetland acres and 215 stream miles of the Milwaukee River Watershed, the Milwaukee Estuary and the Lake Michigan Basin. It’s a program that’s really making an impact and is a model for other county and state programs.

We recently completed an extensive video program for the the FPP in which they’ll utilize this video to generate interest and usage of their program for home owners and businesses, as introduce school age kids to the long term benefits of the program.

JSH&P provided filming, film editing, titling and general oversight of this video, along with the brand identity and logo design for the Ozaukee County Fish Passage Program

Claim Your No.1 Spot (even if your 14th)

Claim Your No.1 Spot (even if your 14th)

O’Neil Cannon

Not many agencies get the “green light” with a new client by “dissing” the two principals at the firm… but that’s what happened with O’Neil Cannon Hollman DeJong & Laing.  At the time, the firm was O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman & DeJong.

“I told them that they should change the name to O’Neil Cannon because that’s all anyone would remember.  Too bad Mr. Hollman, Mr. DeJong  and Mr. Laing were the remaining partners in the firm!  I suspect they appreciated the honesty… it certainly wasn’t my good looks that won them over.”

O’Neil was the 14th largest law firm in Milwaukee, but their track record of success was as good, if not better, than any other law firm in town — and the firms larger than they seemed to be preoccupied with becoming the strongest firm in the region — abdicating their claim on the city.  By presenting O’Neil as the premier law firm in town, it didn’t matter that the number of lawyers they had was much smaller, they simply needed to appear as strong as their larger counterparts to win their own backyard.

You see, if no one else will stake a claim in an area of your expertise, even if you are much smaller in size, your stature needn’t be.  Go ahead and claim it… BUT, you better be prepared to back it up, and for the level of your brand to be on par, if not greater, than any other in the marketplace.  That’s where JSH&P can deliver results.

JSH&P provided consultive services to the firm of O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing, along with full agency services including print advertising, brand development, web design/production and collateral and promotional design.