Guatemala Medical Resources Partnership

The Guatemala Medical Relief Partnership began in 2003 with the vision of a Rotarian from Wisconsin to provide basic medical care to people who couldn’t otherwise receive care. It’s a trip that local dentist, Michael Kim has taken for the past decade.  Traveling to Oliveros, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, Dr. Kim and a team of 40 individuals made the journey to offer a free clinic with General Medical, Vision and Dental care to anyone who came.

As you might imagine, in this underserved part of the world, the turn-out was immense.  My own son, Jackson, went on this trip to document these doctors, nurses and volunteers in the good work they are doing — without any fanfare — simply for the love of humanity.

JSH&P provided filming, film editing, titling and general oversight of this video pro bono for recruitment by the Mequon-Theinsville Rotary Club.  Interested to be a part of it?  Careful, it may just change your life.