This year, when you give your gifts to the ones you love, make a concerted effort to improve their holiday experience by how you treat them.  Not just with authentically thoughtful gifts, but with your own wit and witticism, along with your good humor and pleasant demeanor.

I know, I know, “But you don’t know my Aunt Shirley” you protest.

Well, even Aunt Shirley deserves your best this year. So do make your best attempt to give her the holiday she was hoping for and not one filled with sarcasm, pettiness or emptiness.  There is so much in life that I am thankful for and this time of year is our responsibility to prove it… by doing the little things for others that this world is really all about.

p.s. > We thought giving Jenga this year will almost be a given, but to add the chess clock… brilliant!  {Just 99¢ more for the app}