The Internet’s Dirty Dozen

The Internet’s Dirty Dozen


I just gave a keynote address to the Wisconsin Self Storage Association using this title.  


Hopefully so.

The point of the talk was simply to provide some small businesses with knowledge and access of some free tools that exist on the Internet.  I’ve attached the handout cheatsheet that I gave to the good folks of the WSSA.  You may find them just as helpful, although you won’t get my witty banter to back up why they’re on the list.

If you want greater information, just send me a note.  I’d be happy to chat.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the rope climbing scene from the Dirty Dozen, well, it just goes to show that with the right motivation, you can do damn near anything!


p.s. > Thank you, Dawn Lambrecht of the WSSA for the invite!